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Our classes are designed to introduce children to a world of creativity and imagination and are structured for boys and girls for the age groups 5 to 14 allowing for all varying abilities.  We work with a range of mediums and disciplines,  traditional as well as contemporary. Each child's work is unique to them and involves thought process, problem solving as well as honing fine motor skills and visual awareness whilst learning skills and techniques along the way. We allow freedom of expression and choice enabling them to develop a sense of 'self' and confidence.




You will see all the forthcoming dates listed on the booking page (link below or find from the menu bar on the home page) Once booked you will receive a Paypal confirmation with a link to register your child. Please complete this before they attend as we will need allergy information together with a contact number. More information will follow before the day regarding how to find us, what to bring and where to park.





We currently run half day workshops from 09:30 to 12:30. Projects will vary each holiday period including half terms. We advise everyone to come in old clothes and shoes as although disposable aprons are provided they don't guarantee total cover! There is a break midway for which you may wish to provide a small snack and/or drink although we do provide a bottle of water for everyone. Weather dependent, everyone is encouraged to run about outside at break times (even the staff!)










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